SPS Credits for further education

The SPS recognizes continuing education credits for the title «SPS pain specialist» from scientific events that fulfill the conditions of the SPS regulations of the patronage.

The application for recognition by the SPS for further education and training can only be submitted by specialists who are involved in the organization. The request must be submitted in writing to the SPS President or the SPS Head of Department Further Education and Training. The application is supplemented by the further education and training program.

If a further education and training program is recognized by the SPS, the organizers may explicitly mention the recognition of the SPS and, if requested, the logo of the SPS may also be used on the corresponding registration documents of the validated further education and training program.


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SPS Head of Department Further Education and Training

Dr. med. Maximilien Jung
examines together with the SPS committee all requests for patronage and awards further education points for the title “SPS pain specialist”.

Requests send to: info(a)swisspainsociety.ch

A complete application includes:

  • The application form completed by the applicant (usually a doctor, psychologist, physiotherapist or nurse)
  • Definitive event program or flyer (with date and location of the event and detailed time schedule)


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Regulations of the patronage of the SPS (in German)
(Guidelines for the recognition of further education and training)