SPS Special Interest Groups

Definition and objectives of a SIG

The SIG is an interest group of members within the SPS. It is composed of medical professionals and serves the scientific exchange and further development of various areas of pain research and pain therapy. This can be a specialist area or also a specialist topic with clinical and/or research-relevant access. The activities of a SIG can include the development of specific guidelines, the organisation of workshops, the sending of newsletters, etc. It serves the interests of the SIG or its members with its stated objectives and is intended to promote the active participation and exchange of specialists.

SPS Head of Department SIGs

Mr. Ben Brönnimann Dr. phil.
acts as an intermediary between the SIGs and the SPS Board.

If you have any questions please contact info(a)swisspainsociety.ch.

Regulations governing the objectives, foundation, structure and application formalities for the SIG
Download as PDF (in German)

For the establishment of a new SIG, it requires

  1. At least 3 founding members (SPS members)
  2. Read and accept SIG Guidelines
  3. A written application containing the following information:


  • Name of the SIG
  • Contact details of each founding member
  • Statement from SIG:
    • Declaration of Intent
    • Objectives and topics
    • Description of why and how the SIG can be useful for the SPS and its members

SIG Pain Psychology

SIG Neuropathic pain

SIG Pain Physiotherapy

SIG Interdisciplinary multimodal pain therapy

SIG Daily life and Pain


SIG Integrative Pain Management

SIG Pain Nurses

SIG Pediatric Pain

Project Group Pain Questionnaire