SPS Member

We look forward to being able to count you soon among our valued active members!

Advantages of a SPS membership

  • Possibility to acquire the title «SPS Pain Specialist»
  • Reduced participation fees at the SPS annual congresses and other events
  • Free participation in the SPS Brunches
  • Free subscription to the electronic edition of «Der Schmerz», or «Douleur et Analgésie», and access to the online version of the «European Journal of Pain»
  • Multidisciplinary exchange/contacts at regional and national level
  • Updated information in the field of pain, as well as notes on congresses and symposia
  • Active participation in Special Interest Groups on the topic of pain

SPS responsible for member management

Dr Nicolas Mariotti
examines together with the SPS Board all membership applications and acts as an intermediary between the members and the SPS Board.

Applications to: info(a)swisspainsociety.ch

The following documents are necessary for a statutory admission as a member of the society:

  • Application form for membership
  • 1x letter of recommendation from a person who is already SPS member

If you are unable to recruit a «referrer» from our membership list, the Head Office (info(a)swisspainsociety.ch) will be happy to assist you.

The executive committee decides on the definitive admission as a full member. The General Assembly will be informed annually about the admissions and can lodge an objection.

Please send the application to info(a)swisspainsociety.ch.

=> Simultaneously as the membership application, the title «SPS Pain Specialist®» can be applied for.

CHF 200 for physicians (GPs and specialists) / chiropractors / dentists
CHF 150 for other professionals
CHF  50 for members in training (students, phD, for physicians until 1st specialization)

The annual membership fee is determined by the General Assembly.

Honorary members, corresponding and full members in retirement (retired) are exempt from the obligation to pay membership fees.

The membership fee is due in the year of admission.

Members who are employed (even if only partially) during the fees year pay the full membership fee for the current year. (Even if they retire during the year).

Department Finances

As treasurer, Andreas Gantenbein will keep track of the financial situation of our society. Andreas is head physician in neurology at the RehaClinic Bad Zurzach and past president of the Swiss Headache Society.

Members Department

Nicolas Mariotti has again made himself available for this task. He will continue to be responsible for all questions regarding SPS membership as well as application and recertification of the title “SPS Pain Specialist ®”.

Communication Department

The SPS committee  has come to the conclusion that the Communication Department should be assigned to the President of the Society. Therefore, Konrad Maurer, will assume responsibility for all President Corner articles, newsletter content, and external communications with individuals and journals, as well as our social media platforms.

SIG Department

For all concerns regarding the Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Thomas Benz will continue to serve as the contact person. Thomas has been the Technical Director of Continuing Education and Services Physical Therapy at the ZHAW in Winterthur since 2020.

Department of Further Education and Training

As our Past-President André Ljutow wants to enjoy his well-deserved retirement soon, he will take over the department of Continuing Education and Training for the next year in co-responsibility with Sven Brockmüller. André and Sven both work at the Center for Pain Medicine in Nottwil. André as head of the center and Sven as head of psychiatric-psychological pain medicine. Among other things, André and Sven will have the task this year of implementing our 50h/30h concept and restructuring our long-standing pain course.

Department Congresses

For the organization and coordination of our congresses, Marc Suter, president-elect and head of pain therapy at the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV), has once again agreed to take on the task.

Website Department

Beat Steiger remains with us in the task of managing our website and our member database, as well as supporting our secretariat in other tasks related to IT and Internet. Beat is a pain psychologist at the Center for Dental Medicine in Zurich.

Ressort Task Force

The department Task Force deals with current professional and political topics that are of interest to the members and in which we as a society want to get involved (e.g. new IDC-11 diagnostic criteria, opiodia problem, cannabis hype, etc.). Konrad Maurer is responsible for leading this department as President of the Society.

Liaison with our international sister organizations

Our new board member, Chantal Berna Renella has agreed to become Swiss Councillor of EFIC. Chantal is a professor and senior physician at the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV). In the role as President, Konrad Maurer is responsible for representing the SPS at the IASP.