ICD-11 was adopted by WHA72 in May 2019 and became effective on January 01, 2022. Since then, WHO member states can report their mortality data ICD-11 coded to WHO. Only after a flexible transition period of at least 5 years, reporting will be ICD-11 coded only. The specific date of introduction of ICD-11 in Switzerland for mortality coding has not yet been determined.

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MG30     Chronic pain
MG30.0 Chronic primary Pain
MG30.1 Chronic cancer related pain
MG30.2 Chronic postsurgical or post traumatic pain
MG30.3 Chronic secondary musculoskeletal pain
MG30.4 Chronic secondary visceral pain
MG30.5 Chronic neuropathic pain
MG30.6 Chronic secondary headache or orofacial pain

Learn more about the structure of the ICD-11 Classification here.

Definitions to the listed classifications above can be viewed here.

Video-lecture by PD Dr. med. Jürg Schliessbach on 12.05.2023
Chronic pain as a disease in its own right: pain diagnosis according to ICD-11

Entry currently in progress

with the new ICD-11 it will be possible for the first time to register patients with chronic pain disorders. For this purpose, an algorithm has been developed by the University of Marburg to correctly record these codes. Our society supports the effort to use these diagnostic codes correctly and reliably.

Here you will find the information and links to participate in this study.

– Invitation-Letter
– Paragraph
– Direkt-Link

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