50/30 Concept

In order to obtain the title «SPS Pain Specialist ®», each applicant for the title must have completed 80h of pain training. Fully completed 80h courses recognized by the respective German-speaking pain societies (A, CH, D) are recognized for this purpose. The SPS offers 50h basic courses. The missing 30h can be collected through all further education courses recognized/accredited by the IASP, the EFIC or the 3 German-speaking pain societies. Additional academic pain-specific training or other pain-specific continuing education events not listed here may also be recognized after individual review.


Basic 50h pain courses

SPS 50h-Pain Course 2025 at Morges
(no exact dates known yet)

80h-pain course

80h Advanced training and continuing education in special pain therapy

80h pain course on Sylt

Examples for
pain specific events
for the recognition of the 30h

IASP Event-calendar

IASP Pain Education Resource Center

Global Year 2021 webinars

Global Year 2022 webinars

Webinars «Hot Topics in Pain Medicine» (in German)