EFIC Fellowships


Application Deadline: 31st of March 2020


What is an European Pain Federation EFIC® Fellowship?

The European Pain Federation EFIC® Fellowship is an individual grant for medical doctors to support training in the diagnosis, treatment and management of pain related conditions. The training takes place for an agreed period of time in an approved center of excellence (listed on the European Pain Federation EFIC® website). The purpose of the Fellowship is to allow the trainee to introduce the knowledge acquired during their training into their everyday clinical pain practice. It is expected that applicant is already involved in the field of pain medicine, or has a clear pathway to become specialist in pain medicine. The Fellowship is not intended to supplement or extend applicant’s current training. The applicant must have been a member of an European Pain Federation EFIC® Chapter for at least one year before applying. Each European Pain Federation EFIC® Chapter can have a maximum of two grants approved annually. The maximum length of a Fellowship is 10 weeks.

Objectives and Knowledge to develop

  • the principles and elements of multimodal pain diagnosis and management and/or
  • the indications and techniques of interventional pain management
  • the clinical and basic research aspects of pain and/or
  • the methods of undergraduate and/or postgraduate pain education

How to apply:

The deadline for the 2020 Fellowships is 31st March 2020.
A maximum of four applicants per Chapter will be considered annually.

The applicant is required to

  1. complete the application form,
  2. provide a CV
  3. and an official letter of recommendation from his/her national Chapter.

All documents must be sent to the European Pain Federation EFIC, Office through the National Chapter administration.

Please send all documents to info@swisspainsociety.ch till 27th March 2020.

More information:

For discovering more information and to learn more about the application’s process, you can find more information through our EFIC fellowship page. Link: https://europeanpainfederation.eu/education/efic-fellowships/