Pain courses

Pain courses aim to give participants a broad view of the phenomenon of pain. They allow not only to understand the complex mechanisms of pain, but also to see the phenomenon of pain in all its many facets. They allow to understand chronic pain, to develop appropriate strategies and thus to improve the therapy of patients with chronic pain. The 80h class consists of traditional ex cathedra lectures and seminars with case discussions. Practical diagnostic exercises in the neurological, rheumatological and anesthesiological fields complete the program.

The courses are intended for therapists who are interested in the phenomenon of pain (doctors, dentists, psychologists, pharmacologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc.) and those who are, or will be, clinically active.

For some years now, it has also been possible to acquire the title “SPS pain specialist” after completing the course – one more reason to join the Swiss Pain Society.

SPS Pain Course 2022

13. Mai - 24. Juni 2022, Hotel Astoria, Hübelistrasse 15, 4600 Olten

SPS Pain Specialist

Review – SGSS pain course 2019
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To ensure a lively exchange between former participants and lecturers of the SPS pain courses, the SPS has created a LinkedIn group and organizes regular alumni meetings.

The SPS awards scholarships to applicants who wish to participate in the Multidisciplinary SPS Certificate Course “Pain Therapy by Pain Mechanism”. The scholarship serves to reduce the seminar fees.

Regulations for scholarship applications (in German)

Application form for scholarship applications (in German)