SIG Interdisciplinary multimodal pain therapy

For the SIG founding meeting in St.Gallen, interested parties met for the first time on 24.05.2012 on the topic of Interdisciplinary multimodal pain therapy. Expectations of the SIG were collected and, based on these, goals were derived and a first work assignment was formulated.


  • To put a stop to the currently often misunderstood, sometimes even abusive use of the term “multimodal pain therapy” and to find a common definition.
  • To conduct a survey in Switzerland about the existing offers.
  • To develop quality criteria (with regard to structural/process and outcome quality) for multimodal programs in Switzerland.
  • Collaboration of the institutions offering MMST on a national and international level.

Mr. Dr. Jochen Oeltjenbruns
Anaesthesia/intensive medicine
Head of IMST St.Gallen
Chief physician

Kantonsspital St.Gallen
Rorschacherstrasse 95
9007 St.Gallen


  • 2012 Swiss-wide survey on the structural and process quality of existing multimodal pain therapies. The results of this survey were published in the Dolor in March 2016.
  • Elaboration of quality criteria for multimodal pain therapy in Switzerland The article was submitted to the Swiss Medical Forum on 31.8.2016.
  • Workshop on 17.6.2016 at the Center for Pain Medicine in Nottwil. Presentation of the results of our work at SIG.
  • Lecture on 30.03.2019 Three Countries Conference ACHD “Quality Criteria of Multimodal Pain Therapy in Switzerland

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